Self Defense, Movement & Strength Coaching

Sifu Tim Richards

"Peace of mind is a state of well-being where the mind, body, and spirit are working in harmony with one another."

Peace of Mind is a San Francisco based wellness studio specializing in self defense and functional + dynamic movement training. We teach clients daily practices that cultivate, balance, mobility, strength, and adaptability. It is our mission to help our clients overcome feelings of vulnerability, fear, weakness, and pain by developing a quite mind, a powerful body, and a more complete sense of self. Let us help you reach your full potential and guide you on the path to self discovery.

Improve Your Health, Confidence & Athletic Performance.

  • Functional Movement & Postural Rebalancing, High Performance Strength Coaching & Personal Training
  • Self Defense (Jeet Kune Do, Small Circle Ju Trap Boxing, Kali/Escrima, Edged Weapons & Knife Defense)
  • Sports, Activity, Mindset Development & Wellness Coaching
  • Individual & Small Group Sessions

Please make direct contact to schedule an orientation.

cell 415-608-3723 or email
727 Leavenworth Street SF, CA

Discounts offered to Military, Public Service Professionals.
Trades offered and further purchase discounts available.
Workshops available for Corporations and Startups.